Pregnancy After Loss

We were both fortunate enough to experience pregnancy after loss with the assistance of fertility treatments. Brittany with the use of Clomid (just like Ezra) and Amy with the help of injectables and IUI.

“Rainbow” babies?

While we have both experienced pregnancy after loss, we have different feelings towards the term “rainbow baby”.

Brittany embraces the term. Give her all the rainbows! She has her sunshine baby (baby born before loss), angel baby, and now her rainbow baby. Each one of her children holds a special title, which she loves.

Meanwhile, Amy doesn’t love the term used in reference to her twin daughters. The reason being that Asher was a “rainbow baby”. He was supposed to be the rainbow after the storm of her miscarriage. But, he died. Losing her first rainbow baby has taken away the joy the term once held for her and made her fearful that she would jinx her pregnancy with the twins.

37 weeks with twins

How to cope through PAL?

PAL is tough. It is a complete and utter mindf*ck.

It helped us to focus on one day at a time, one appointment at a time, one milestone at a time.

Advocating for the treatment we needed in order to make it through.

Treating with providers who understood the fear and anxiety that PAL brings.

Leaning on others who have been there.